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UPDATE - Prohibition of exporting raw minerals from Indonesia 02-Jul-2012

Following the implementation of new export regulations on raw minerals (effective 6th May 2012), the local Nickel Ore exporters have received approval to resume exports.
Click here to see the list, we will keep you updated of further approvals as they are announced.
For further information and any specific questions, please send to
25 May 2012
The Nickel export ban is still in place in Indonesia, subject to the conditions as mentioned in the article taken from The Jakarta Post dated on 25th May.
To read the article click here.
The only shippers that can currently match the requirements are PT Antam, and PT SILO, therefore assume their exports will restart in due course. For all smaller exporters they will now go through the vetting process for approval to resume shipments.
09 May 2012
Further to the last update on 3rd May, the article from today's The Jakarta Port (9/5/2012), the Indonesian government is set to issue ministerial regulations this week that will enact export duties on 14 mineral commodities and create a set requirements that must be met by exporters.
Finance Minister Agus Martowardojo said on Tuesday that the ministry had been deliberating on the final formulation of the regulations following draft submissions from the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry.
Click here to read the article.
We will continue to monitor this situation and update this site accordingly. For any specific questions, please send to
03 May 2012
Further to the last update on 2nd May, the article from today’s The Jakarta Post (3/5/2012), there has been unofficial notice that the export ban will not be enforced, instead an export tax (payable by shippers) will be implemented. The terms and conditions of this tax are unknown at this stage, a further announcement is expected on 6/5/12.
Click here to read the article.  
02 May 2012
Further to the last update on 20th April, there have been further stories on this issue related to the export of raw commodities from Indonesia. The article from today's newspaper in The Jakarta Post, there is now talk of an export tax.
However, the terms and conditions for implementation are yet to be clarified by central / local government. The latest update we have from the authorities in Sulawesi relating to the export of nickel, is that no export permit for vessels sailing after 6th May will be issued.
Click here to read the article.
 20 April 2012
There have been a number of recent articles related to the imminent prohibition of export related to metal ores.
The latest update was published in the Jakarta Post 18/4/2012 that the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources is under discussion to implement export tax, click here to read the article.
Ben Line Agencies will continue to monitor the situation and update this site accordingly.
Indonesian government under Ministerial Regulation No. VII year 2012, dated 6 February 2012, decided to ban all sales of raw mineral (metal and non metal) for export starting from May 6, 2012.
Here are the list of the minerals that are affected by the Ministerial Regulation No. VII year 2012 dated on February 6, 2012 :
  1. Metal
  • Cu (copper) > 99.9% Cu (copper cathode), > 99% Cu
  • Au (gold) > 99% Au
  • Ag (silver) > 99% Ag
  • Sn (tin) > 99.85% Sn
  • Pb (lead/galena) > 90% Pb
  • Zn (zinc) > 90% Zn 
  • Cr (chrome) > 99% Cr, > 60% alloy Cr
  • Mo (molibdenum) > 99% Mo, > 60% alloy Mo
  • Pt (platinum) > 99% Pt
  • Al (bauxite) > 99% Al2O3, > 99% Al
  • Fe (iron ore) > 94% Fe pig iron, > 80% Fe sponge iron
  • Fe (iron sand) > 94% Fe pig iron
  • Ni (nickel) > 99% Ni, > 70% Ni mate, > 16% Ni of FeNi saprolite, > 10% Ni of FeNi limonite, 6% Ni of nickel pig iron, > 4% Ni of sponge FeNi
  • Mn (manganese) > 98% MnO2, > 60% Mn alloy 
  • Sb (antimony) > 99% Sb, > 99% Sb2O5
     2.  Non Metal
  • Calcyte > 96% CaO, > 70%-74% Ca(OH)2, > 98% CaCO3 + density 0.7 g/cc max
  • Feldspar > 10% K2O+Na2O, < 1% Fe2O3
  • Kaolin : Filler : whiteness > 79%, size > 2 micron < 30%, size > 5 micron < 12%, SiO2 46.73%-47.8%, Al2O3 37.3%-38.4% Coating : whiteness > 83%, size > 2 micron < 71%, size > 5 micron < 3%, SiO2 46.73%-47.8%, Al2O3 37.3%-38.4%
  • Bentonite : bleaching power 25.38%-38.11%
  • Zeolit : KTK > 100 meq
  • Silica : Glass Feed : SiO2 > 80% in cullet, Gravel Pack : SiO2 > 98.5%, roundness > 60%, spherecity > 70%, dilute in acid < 1.3%, breakable in 5000 psi and -40+70 mesh < 6.2%
  • Zircon : (ZrO2+Hf) > 99% and/or U3O8 and ThO2


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