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Ben Line Agencies Malaysia supports underprivileged children at the Agathians Shelter in Selangor 24-Dec-2010

On a cool and breezy Saturday morning, some eight staff from Ben Line Agencies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd spent a few hours with children from a home called the Agathians Shelter, located some 10 minutes away from the office (across the Federal Highway). Agathian's Shelter is a legally registered welfare home governed by Pertubuhan Kebajikan Agathians Malaysia (Agathians Welfare Organisation of Malaysia).

This organisation was founded in 2003 and initiated by a group of people in an attempt to rescue a number of children from an illegal orphanage. This shelter houses 32 boys from the ages of 4 till 17, who are either orphan, abandoned, from single parent or from broken families. The organisation aims at providing them a new start in their lives and to have a normal childhood without the intention to make a profit. Other than the basic needs, Agathians Shelter ensures that these children are sent to school and tutor them to catch up on missed years of schooling. The main focus is teaching English, Bahasa Melayu, and Mathematics to them. Besides these basics, the children are taught to do domestic activities, get disciplined and give them self confidence and independence in order to get reintegrated in society. The children are treated for past traumatic experience, counseled through their pain and anger and they are taught to live in peace with themselves and in the world.
This organisation distinguishes itself in several ways. First of all cartier replica, a mixture in religions and cultures can be found among the children. The organisation in open minded and does not justify any cultural background. Secondly, the Shelter encourages attracting national and international volunteers and is not afraid to cross boundaries. Consequently, the children are taught to accept people with differences. As a result of the growing number of children accommodated in the Shelter, there is a high need for a bigger accommodation. Besides that, there is a need to obtain more resources to enrich these children’s lives.
As part of the Sports Club Committee of BLA(M) PJ, HQ Office's Community Service which started this year, we managed to raise money for lunch time for these boys and got staff to donate some Christmas presents. The response was overwhelming indeed! Each boy went away with 3 gifts and we even had some spare gifts to give away to winners of a few games lead by our friend, Mr. G the Clown! He got the kids captivated from start to finish.
Prior to this, Andrew Kerr had (on the 16th of December) visited the shelter home and was taken on a tour of the premises by the charasmatic Supervisor, Mr. Siva. Knowing very well that the boys needed school fees, Andrew Kerr made a donation which covered each and every boy for next year! Amazing!
Some photos of the fun we had over the weekend are herewith attached for your fake breitling viewing pleasure.
As Ben Line Agencies (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd supports the positive work done by the Agathians Shelter and as part of our "Sharing Is Caring" Programme, may we kindly request that you take a few minutes of your valuable time to browse through the following link :

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