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China Maritime Safety Administration announces new regulations relating to Marine Pollution 18-Mar-2011

China Maritime Safety Administration has announced new regulations relating to the prevention and control of marine environmental pollution which came into force from 1st March 2011.  The new regulations can be summarised as follows:

1.     For vessels arriving from a foreign port and bound for a foreign port:
Pollutant collection treatment must be applied for from the local Maritime Safety Administration for the disposal of sludge and garbage.  Port clearance will only be issued upon presentation of such a certificate.  Some ports require both sludge and garbage to be disposed of using an approved contractor whilst other ports only require one of these to be removed in this way.
2. For vessels arriving from a Chinese port and bound for a foreign port:
The procedure as noted above should be followed unless the vessel has carried out the required treatment already in the previous Chinese port.  The vessel must also possess the certification obtained from the previous port of call.
3.     For vessels bound for another Chinese port:
Some ports require the vessel to carry out at least garbage disposal at the current port whilst other ports require both garbage disposal and sludge removal.  As per Note 1, port clearance will only be issued upon presentation of the replica rolex watches relevant certificate.  Other ports may allow both sludge and garbage disposal be carried out at the next Chinese port.
For sludge removal owners must only use approved contractors at each port.
As this law has only been recently implemented there might still be variations between ports as to how the regulations are interpreted.  Over time the application of the regulations should become standardised across all ports.
In the short term we recommend that you contact Ben Line Agencies China prior to arriving at any Chinese port to check how these new regulations are being enforced locally.
For further information please contact:
North China ports:
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David Ho     
Port Agency Manager, North China
Direct line     : +86 21 6329 6568 ext 184 
Mobile Phone: +86 187 2183 6135
South China ports:
Capt Fred Lee     
Port Agency Manager, South China
Direct line     : +852 2853 8349
Mobile Phone: +852 9024 3456

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