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 Ports Abashiri (Hokkaido)Aboshi (Hyogo pref.)Aioi (Hyogo pref.)Akita (Akita pref.)Amagasaki (Hyogo pref.)Aomori (Aomori pref.)Atsumi (Aichi pref.)Chiba (Chiba pref.)Etajima (Hiroshima pref.)Fukui (Fukui pref.)Fukuyama (Hiroshima pref.)Funabashi (Chiba pref.)Funakawa (Akita pref.)Fushiki (Toyama pref.)Gamagori (Aichi pref.)Hachinohe (Aomori pref.)Hakata (Fukuoka pref.)Hakodate (Hokkaido)Hamada (Shimane pref.)Hannan (Osaka pref.)Hibi (Okayama pref.)Higashi-Harima (Hyogo pref.)Hikari (Yamaguchi pref.)Himekawa (Niigata pref.)Hirao (Yamaguchi pref.)Hirara (MIYAKOSHIMA) (Okinawa pref.)Hirohata (Hyogo pref.)Hiroshima (Hiroshima pref.)Hitachi (Ibaraki pref.)Hitachinaka (Ibaraki pref.)Hososhima (Miyazaki pref.)Imabari (Ehime pref.)Imari (Saga pref.)Innoshima (Hiroshima pref.)Ishigaki (Okinawa pref.)Ishikariwan-Shinko (Hokkaido)Ishinomaki (Miyagi pref.)Itozaki (Hiroshima pref.)Iwakuni (Yamaguchi pref.)Izuhara (Nagasaki pref.)Kagoshima (Kagoshima pref.)Kainan (Wakayama pref.)Kakogawa (Hyogo pref.)Kamaishi (Iwate pref.)Kanazawa (Ishikawa pref.)Kanda (Fukuoka pref.)Kanokawa (Hiroshima pref.)Kashima (Ibaraki pref.)Kashiwazaki (Niigata pref.)Kawasaki (Kanagawa pref.)Kesennuma (Miyagi pref.)Kiire (Kagoshima pref.)Kikuma (Ehime pref.)Kinuura (Aichi pref.)Kinwan (Okinawa pref.)Kisarazu (Chiba pref.)Kitakyushu (Fukuoka pref.)Kobe (Hyogo pref.)Kochi (Kochi pref.)Kudamatsu (Yamaguchi pref.)Kure (Hiroshima pref.)Kushiro (Hokkaido)Maizuru (Kyoto pref.)Marugame (Kagawa pref.)Matsusaka (Mie pref.)Matsushima (Nagasaki pref.)Matsuura (Nagasaki pref.)Matsuyama (Ehime pref.)Miike (Fukuoka pref.)Minamata (Kumamoto pref.)Mishima-Kawanoe (Ehime pref.)Misumi (Kumamoto pref.)Mitajiri-Nakanoseki (Yamaguchi pref.)Miyako (Iwate pref.)Miyazu (Kyoto pref.)Mizushima (Okayama pref.)Monbetsu (Hokkaido)Mukaishima (Hiroshima pref.)Muroran (Hokkaido)Nagasaki (Nagasaki pref.)Nagoya (Aichi pref.)Naha (Okinawa pref.)Namikata (Ehime pref.)Nanao (Ishikawa pref.)Naoetsu (Niigata pref.)Naoshima (Kagawa pref.)Niigata (Niigata pref.)Niihama (Ehime pref.)Noshiro (Akita pref.)Numazu (Shizuoka pref.)Ofunato (Iwate pref.)Oita (Oita pref.)Omaezaki (Shizuoka pref.)Onahama (Fukushima pref.)Onoda (Yamaguchi pref.)Osaka (Osaka pref.)Otaru (Hokkaido)Owase (Mie pref.)Reihoku (Kumamoto pref.)Rumoi (Hokkaido)Saganoseki (Oita pref.)Saiki (Oita pref.)Sakai Senboku (Osaka pref.)Sakaide (Kagawa pref.)Sakaiminato (Tottori pref.)Sakata (Yamagata pref.)Sasebo (Nagasaki pref.)Satsuma Sendai (Kagoshima pref.)Sendai (Miyagi pref.)Shibushi (Kagoshima pref.)Shikama (Hyogo pref.)Shimizu (Shizuoka pref.)Shimonoseki (Yamagushi pref.)Shimotsu (Wakayama pref.)Shingu (Wakayama pref.)Shiogama (Miyagi pref.)Soma (Fukushima pref.)Susaki (Kochi pref.)Tachibana (Tokushima pref.)Tagonoura (Shizuoka pref.)Takamatsu (Kagawa pref.)Takuma (Kagawa pref.)Tokachi (Hokkaido)Tokushima Komatsushima (Tokushima pref.)Tokuyama (Yamaguchi pref.)Tokyo (Tokyo)Tomakomai (Hokkaido)Tonda (Yamaguchi pref.)Toyama (Toyama pref.)Toyohashi (Aichi pref.)Tsu (Mie pref.)Tsukumi (Oita pref.)Tsuruga (Fukui pref.)Ube (Yamaguchi pref.)Uchiura (Fukui pref.)Uno (Okayama pref.)Uwajima (Ehime pref.)Wakayama (Wakayama pref.)Wakkanai (Hokkaido)Yatsushiro (Kumamoto pref.)Yokkaichi (Mie pref.)Yokohama (Kanagawa pref.)Yokosuka (kanagawa pref.) And other Japanese ports
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Ben Line Agencies (Japan)

Ben Line first started shipping services to Japan in 1859 when the Port of Yokohama was officially opened and subsequently established its own branch offices in Tokyo and Osaka in 1970. Today, Ben Line Agencies Japan employs over 170 staff to provide a comprehensive range of shipping services to principals including liner agency, port agency, project logistics and ISO tanks:

  • Liner Agency – we offer a full range of liner services within Asia and to/from areas including Australasia, Middle East, Caribbean, North America, India and Europe.
  • Port Agency – our strength lies in the cable laying sector where we handle cable laying and repair projects for the major global players. In addition, we have excellent knowledge and experience of the LNG/LPG, tanker and bulk sectors handling commodities such as grain, coke and steel products. We also offer first class husbandry services to various ship owners and managers throughout Japan and protective agency services to ensure that principals’ interests are served at all times.
  • Project Logistics – we provide a full range of tailor made solutions for the transportation of projects with experience in handling a range of different cargoes ranging from heavy lift power plant equipment to out-of-gauge mining equipment to smaller shipments of LCL or airfreight.
  • ISO Tanks – we offer a global service, specialising in the door-to-door transportation of bulk liquid chemicals and edible oils.

Ben Line Agencies Japan operates the follow subsidiary companies:

  • Hesco Agencies
  • Simba Logistics

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